Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. Have developed the unique designed circular, Gyrator screen is useful and impart for solid liquid, screening. The motor rotations vibration to an entire screen assembly mounted on the springs, which gives material desperation, stirring and movement due to rotary multi plane motion given by Heavy duty vibration Motor, Feed material continously moves in horizontal motion on Vibro Screen surface as per Loop pattern. The Jaykrishna screens givesiptimum screening, max feed rate and efficiency, as required. The vibratory screens are used to separate materials by partical size, shapes and small amount of oversize material. We are manufacturing the Machine in Single, Double & Tripple Deck Type with cover to avoid dusting.


The screen is most useful for ceramic, abrasive, sand and glass, ceramic slip, sugar-mixed/screend juice, melt, seed, syrup and sugar-grading, food-biscuit, edible oilCellulose powder, cattle feed, starch slurry, spices, tea,Table salt, paper and pulp, fibre recovery, black liquor, bulk drugs and many other products. The special custom built screen are aslo available.

Special Features:

  • Flange mounted dust-tight 1440 R.P.M. unbalance vibration elec. motor.
  • Manufactured in mild steel/
  • Replaceable wire mesh screen frame with quick changing of wire mesh screens.
  • Right or Left-hand outlets.
  • Dust tight covers.(optional)
  • Ball tray decks to reduce screen plug blinging.(optional)
Model Screen size. Discharge Outlets HP
JKGS-01 600mm 425 0.5
JKGS-02 900mm 495 1
JKGS-03 1200mm 565 1.5
JKGS-04 1500mm 580 3
JKGS-05 1600mm 595 5

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